Tonneau Cover Parts

Got a ute and want to add some extra security to your cargo? Keep your belongings protected from the weather and thieving eyes with a tonneau cover from Sydney Shade Sails. What’s a tonneau? That refers to the back space of a ute that would normally house the rear seats. If you’re holding lots of items in your tray or just want some extra protection for your ute, our selection of tonneau cover parts will ensure your cargo is protected from the rain and other elements.

As with all our products, our tonneau cover parts are designed with quality in mind, and built with PVC to ensure they remain strong and waterproof for as long as possible. PVC (or Polyvinyl Chloride) is a polyester fabric that’s coated in resin, designed to be highly waterproof. It’s also treated with specific chemical formulas that keep it protected from UV radiation, weather degradation, and staining, while also providing resistance from fire.

We know that functionality is not the only concern when it comes to a ute, and that you want your pride and joy to look as good as it operates. That’s why we build our tonneau covers with aesthetics in mind. With PVC material covering you can also choose from a wide variety of colours that won’t detract from the appeal of your ute and keep your beloved vehicle looking stylish.

At Sydney Shade Sails we want Aussies to carry on doing their thing without letting weather get in the way. We use only the highest quality materials in our tonneau cover parts, as with all our other products, and our expert workmanship goes into every component we produce. So when you get your tonneau cover parts from Sydney Shade Sails you can expect the same quality standards we put into all our products, including a great look that will keep your ute both functional and aesthetically pleasing.