Shade Sail Posts

Those shade sails won’t hold themselves up, so if you’re looking for a way to keep your covers standing you’re going to need some quality shade sail posts and poles. Shade sail poles and posts refer to the supportive elements that keep your shade sail standing and supported. At Sydney Shade Sails we have both shade sail posts and posts to suit all coverings, regardless of whether they’re designed for a commercial or residential property.

Shade sail posts tend to be shorter than shade sail poles, making them better suited to residential areas where a high ceiling is not essential. On the other hand, shade sail poles tend to be taller and are the ideal choice for commercial settings such as playgrounds, where a taller ceiling is needed to keep the contents underneath well sheltered.

At Sydney Shade Sails our shade sail posts and poles are all built with high quality premium materials to ensure they can withstand knocks and bumps through general use, as well as stand strong through periods of harsh weather. Our quality materials combined with expertise workmanship mean that you can rely on a shade sail post or pole to keep your structure standing for years to come, no matter what may come its way.

Whether you’re looking to install your own shade sail posts or poles, or selecting some for a custom design, our shade sail posts and poles are all built to the same standard that we use for our installations. We know not everyone has the same specifications or desires when it comes to the structures, so we also offer custom sizes to allow you to select the most appropriate shade sail posts and poles for your personal use.

Our goal at Sydney Shade Sails is to keep Aussies comfortable in the great outdoors, whether that’s providing shade from the sun or shelter from the rain. When you buy with us you can expect quality service, installation, and care, so allow yourself the freedom to enjoy being outside with a shade sail from us today.