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Cafe Blinds

Sydney Shade Sails Cafe Blinds block out the wind while allowing the user to view the outdoor environment. Read more about our Bistro blinds product.

Cafe Blinds

Cafe and bistro blinds are the perfect way to keep your home and business usable in all weather conditions. At Sydney Shade Sails we manufacture and install cafe and bistro blinds that are functional and a beautiful addition to  your home or business.

Our bistro and cafe blinds block out the weather while allowing those inside to still view and enjoy the outdoor environment comfortably, perfect for letting that natural light shine through. When it’s not windy they can easily be rolled  up and not detracting from the appeal of your home or cafe front.

At Sydney Shade Sails our cafe and bistro blinds are made from high quality PVC, so you receive a long lasting product that endures all types of weather conditions for years to come.

We’re proud of our exceptional workmanship and use only the highest quality premium materials to manufacture our cafe blinds.

Sydney Shade Sails offers a 2 year warranty, so you can expect a product that will last for as long time.

Sydney Shade Sails installs in commercial and residential locations ensuring your outdoor space looks great and is comfortable.






Fully Licensed – Contractor License No. 263830C

Member of the Master Builders Association

Member of the Lightweight Structures Association of Australia

Member of the Specialised Textiles Association

Focusing on quality and durability, our shades are built with the best quality materials available for your job. We use Architectural Grade materials and focus on achieving a high quality finish to our work.

We design a variety of shade structures including Shade Cloth, PVC, Span Shades, and Shadex Arched canopies, to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our staff pride themselves on their ability to communicate with you from design through to installation of your shades.

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